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  • Abbasid caliph: A practice
    abbot: The leader of a monastery
    ābdārīs : "water-carriers"
    abeghay: A celibate priest in the Armenian church
    ablution: A practice
    Abraham: the name
    Abyssinian eunuchs : A practice
    Abyssinian men-at-arms: A practice
    Academy of Gaon Jacob: in Iraq
    Academy of the land of Israel: A practice
    Addax: A practice
    Admiration to the Caliph : Pilgrims to Mecca gather in Baghdad and pay respect to the Caliph
    agha: Title
    agriculture: A practice
    Agur bricks: i.e. ajur, kiln-burnt bricks
    ahawra: "vessel on the River Sind"
    aḥīdo: Title for a governor
    akādīsh : "non-pedigree horses"
    Akhī: chief of an Akhī guild
    Akhiyya: medieval Anatolian professional organizations
    ʿalas: "variety of barley at Ẓafāri"
    Alexandria, apocalyptic attacks upon: The Byzantines will attack Alexandria by sea in an early Islamic conception of the apocalypse
    Alexandros: the name
    Ali: the name
    ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭālib in Ṣūfī succession: A practice
    allegiance of jinn to Muhammad: A practice
    Alliances between Christians and Muslims: The Byzantines will ally with Muslims to attack Persia in an early Islamic conception of the apocalpyse
    almonds: A practice
    alms: A practice
    aloes-wood: A practice
    alphabet: A practice
    ʿālū: plum (Persian ālū)
    ambassador: A practice
    ambergris: A practice
    amīr al-a‘lām: Title
    amīr-dād : Title of an office
    amīr ḥājib: An office
    amīr al-Ḥājj: A practice
    amīr hor: A practice
    amīr: Title
    Amīrī: a type of coin
    amīr jandār: A practice
    Amīr al-Juyūsh: Fatimid commander-in-chief
    amīr al-muʾminīn: Title for the caliph
    Amīr of Mecca: A practice
    amīr al-umarāʾ: Title, meaning "amīr of amīrs" or "chief amīr"
    Ammonia: A practice
    anathema: A practice
    anbārāt : A practice
    ancestry from Samuel: being a descendant of prophet Samuel
    angel: A practice
    animal dung: A practice
    anly: "(Pennisetum typhoideum) a type of millet"
    annual pilgrimage to Adam’s Peak: A practice
    Annunciation: Christian dominical feast
    anthropomorphism: Ascribing human shape to God
    Antichrist, apocalyptic opponents of: A practice
    Antichrist: An eschatological figure in Christianity and Islam on the side of evil
    Antichrist, temptations of: Muslim apocalyptic reports describe the ways in which the Antichrist (Dajjal) will tempt believers
    antimony: A practice
    Antisemitism: A practice
    Apaturia: at Athens
    Aphroditē: A practice
    Apis: [= Serapis]
    Apocalyptic army swallowed up by the earth: occurs in or around Mecca/Medina
    Apollo: A practice
    apostles: The earliest followers of Jesus, appointed by him
    apples: A practice
    apricot: A practice
    ʿaqīqa: A ceremony on the seventh day after a child's birth
    aqrūf: "conical hat"
    Aqueducts: Watercourses constructed to carry water
    ʿaraba: "cart on the Russian steppe"
    Arab horsemen: A practice
    Arabic: The language
    Arab money: A practice
    Arabs, betrayal of: The Bedouins will ally with the Muslims, but will not join the battles in an early Islamic conception of the apocalypse
    Arabs, loss of status in the apocalypse: A practice
    arāk-wood: "(Salvadora persica, for toothpicks)"
    Aramaic language: A practice
    Arats‘: Sixth month of the Armenian calendar
    archdeacon: A practice
    archers: A practice
    archimandrite: A practice
    ʿarḍ-dāsht: A petition
    areca-nut: A practice
    areca palms: A practice
    Areg: Eighth month of the Armenian calendar
    Areopagus: tribunal
    Ares: deity
    Aries: constellation
    Ark: the place where Torah scrolls are stored in a synagogue
    Ark of the Covenant: A practice
    Armenian calendar: A practice
    Armenian kat'oghikos: office
    armored elephants: A practice
    ʿarrādāt: ballistas
    Artemis: A practice
    Artificers in silk: A practice
    Artisans: A practice

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